What is X Resolver and how it works?

X resolver
The Xbox resolver in x Resolver uses bots to scrape data to carry out these tasks. The username of the Xbox gamer, the ISP address,

How does x Resolver work?

The online service is known as x Resolver and is known to log the Gamer tags and IP addresses of Xbox, Play station, and PC users. To protect the username and Gamer tag from internet hackers, x Resolver was created. Converting Gamer tags and usernames into IP addresses is x Resolver’s main objective.

The Xbox resolver in x Resolver uses bots to scrape data to carry out these tasks. The username of the Xbox gamer, the ISP address, and the IP address are all included in this data.

Xbox Resolver

The Xbox player game code or Gamer tag can be used with this online web tool to determine the IP address. On Xbox or Sony PlayStation, there is no better method to get as much information about your opponent as with this application. Xbox Resolver is excellent for packet analysis, packet identification, and personal network monitoring. This Xbox IP grabber, like x Resolver, makes use of both Wi-Fi and lane 6 network options for impenetrable protocol tracking.

It’s important to note that using this program may take some time to retrieve a gamer’s IP address, location, or username. If the wait is too long, you might want to consider seeking assistance from their Discord discussion group. Additionally, their tutorials offer a step-by-step walkthrough of setup and other relevant procedures.

What is X Resolver used for?

It is in charge of keeping information regarding IP addresses and their connections to Gamer tags that is accessible to the general public, as was already mentioned. Notably, this type of information or data is accessible to the whole public. Technically speaking, it is therefore acceptable to share it on a public website.

However, the individual who wishes to link your IP address with your profile might not be acting in good faith. The person may be a hacker who is for your PS4, PC, Xbox profile, and related IP address.

With the aid of x Resolver, you can give interested parties access to your sensitive information. This confidential information links your physical network connection to your online identity. You can be targeted in a variety of ways if they gain access to your private data. DDoS (distributed denial-of-service) attacks could be one example of this.

xresolver.com Alternatives and Rivalry

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Lance Remastered PCPS

Lance Remastered PCPS is a good option to try if you’re looking for an xResolver-like Xbox IP grabber. The website makes extracting IPs from Xbox Live, PC, and PlayStation far too simple. Gamer tags can be easily resolved to IPs using the packet analysis and monitoring application Lance Remastered PCPS.

Thanks to frequent release updates by its creators, it is a very reliable free IP grabber. The setup procedure for this program is simple; if you require any help, you may go to their setup instruction for additional information. The Xbox IP grabber may be utilized both online and offline after installation, which is another important point to make.

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Use strong, unique passwords:

Create complicated passwords for each of your online accounts, and don’t reuse them. Use strong, one-time-use passwords. To safely store and create strong passwords, think about utilizing a password manager.

Switch on two-factor authentication (2FA): A second verification step, such as a special code delivered to your mobile device, is required with 2FA, which adds an extra layer of protection.

Be cautious with personal information sharing:

On public platforms or with unreliable sources, avoid disclosing sensitive personal information such as your home address or financial information.

X Resolver’s features

There are several fascinating features included with x Resolver.

Identification of Geo Location

You may find out where your adversary is physically using x Resolver. You can do this thanks to its IP lookup function. The player’s IP address contains several key pieces of information, one of which is this. The most fascinating aspect is thus this one.

IP Logger

Customized links can be created using x Resolver. Sending users these links allows you to capture their IP addresses. The IP logger enhances the resolver’s functionality and aids in the detection of Incognito mode.

Both Gamer tag Resolver and PSN username

For both Xbox and PlayStation users, x Resolver offers a great selection of features and capabilities. The technologies at hand make it easier to extract information about IP addresses. You don’t need to search for bots online to discover Gamer tags and usernames. It makes things much simpler and more practical by incorporating artificial intelligence.

User-Friendly Interface and Functioning

X Resolver has a very straightforward operation. In just a few minutes, you can determine your opponent’s IP address. It’s also very simple to find Gamer tag.

Blacklisting of Personal IP Addresses

One of the important features available for separate purchases with x Resolver is blacklisting. Your IP address and personal information can be hidden from your competitors with this option.

What is an IP puller?

A software or piece of hardware that can intercept and record network traffic is known as an IP Puller (also known as a network sniffer, packet analyzer, IP tracker, or IP Grabber). The IP Puller records each packet that travels over the network, examines its contents, and extracts the data (which includes information such as TCP/UDP ports, ISP provider, GEO location, resolving gamer tags and user names, etc.) in a readable manner.

Xbox Replay

Knowledge of your opponent is essential if you want to have a competitive edge when playing online. You can access game information for other players using Xbox Replay by using network monitoring, packet analysis, and identification. The installation procedure is simple. There aren’t any lengthy installation processes like those found with most Xbox IP grabbers.

x resolver

The free tool displays a few adverts.You only need to enter the player’s gamer tag or username to obtain the IP address. If you need assistance, consult their knowledge site for thorough lessons.

Psycho Coding

Similar to x Resolver, Psycho Coding uses Xbox filters, custom packet filters, and D Do S protection to obtain gamer IP, username, location, and other information. Other than Xbox, it is compatible with the majority of common gaming systems. Your genuine identity is hidden while playing Xbox or PlayStation games thanks to the platform’s dual use as a VPN.

Meaning that while you play online games, nobody else will be able to access your real IP address or log in. The interface is incredibly user-friendly and easy to understand. In a similar vein, setup is likewise a pretty simple process. To get help, consult their setup guide.

x resolver


These are several x Resolver substitutes that you can test. The level of security they provide must first be thoroughly examined before usage, though. You can avoid these resolvers’ negative aspects by taking precautions.

Finding out how to keep your IP address hidden from web users can also be of interest to you.


  1. Is using x Resolver legal?

Technically speaking, it is lawful because it gathers public data. You can utilize it to learn about your rivals and come up with a game plan that will succeed.

What if x Resolver has my IP address on file?

You run the risk of being the subject of D Do S assaults or, even worse, offline booting while playing if your IP address is revealed on x Resolver. By paying x Resolver a little amount of $12.99 to have your IP removed from their logs, you may easily avoid all these concerns.

  1. What does X Resolver do?

A: IP address lookup and geo location services are offered by X Resolver, an online platform. Users can look up IP addresses and get details about the location, hosting company, and other pertinent information by using this feature.

  1. How does the X Resolver function?

A: X Resolver runs queries against its sizable database, which holds data on IP addresses and the specifics that go with them. X Resolver scans its database when a user enters an IP address and retrieves the necessary data to show the user.


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